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Sifavitor  was founded in 1966 as a producer of APIs for the pharmaceutical industry. In 1989 Sifavitor became part of Mediolast group.In 2007 Mediolast/Sifavitor (now Sifavitor) joined INFA GROUP.

Sifavitor has always been focused on high quality standards. It is FDA inspected since 1977 and  ISO 9000 (now 9001:2000) certified since 1998.

Sifavitor is characterized as a multipurpose plant, strongly versatile with a production capacity of 120,000 liters for small or medium-size batches.  It offers more than 70 different active ingredients


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Stabilimento: Via Livelli, 1 - 26582 CASALETTO LODIGIANO – FRAZIONE MAIRANO (LO)
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